Examiner-Direct Model

In the world of life insurance exams, traditional medical examiners receive business they do not directly market and, as a result, generally receive only a small portion of the income from that business. If an example medical exam paid $100, an examiner would likely receive around 30%, or $30.

To increase your revenue per exam, you need to change your role from an examiner to a medical company. To do this, you will need at least the following 3 things:

  1. A willingness and ability to network with other people. Agents don’t pay for the services they order so most of your selling as a medical company will be serivce-based network-marketing. If you aren’t a people-person, this transition may not be for you.
  2. Secure case management software. As a service industry, you need secure technology for online ordering, tracking, status updates, imaging and more. MediPro Direct provides the industry’s most advanced independent (we are not owned by one of your competitors) software.
  3. A billing company. Insurance carriers require significant case volume, service area, and data security to consider approving you as a vendor.  While you grow your company, you will need to establish a billing relationship with vendors that are already approved with each insurance carrier you plan to work with.  MediPro Direct works with you to find the best billing relationships to meet your company’s unique needs.




With these 3 necessities properly in place, you can earn up to 85%+ of each exam and grow a strong business that has value now and into the future.

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