Premier Case Management Software

In the world of web 2.0, savvy customers demand real-time information to track the service you provide. The MediPro Direct Premier Case Management software helps you exceed these customer expectations without breaking the bank.

The following demo is an example of the MediPro Direct software for life insurance exam companies.

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Our proprietary, secure, customizable software allows you to:

  • Improve your visibility by setting up a company website. Our Medical Site Builder tool allows anyone who can type on a keyboard to have a website up in a matter of minutes. You choose the URL (for example, and the template and simply type the material you want to show up on each page. Our Medical Site Builder does the rest.
  • Provide Data Security by allowing your clients to place orders through a secure online portal. Either by going to your new template website, or to your current website if one already exists, your customers can place orders with confidence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Improve efficiency with the ability to assign cases to specific case management staff within your organization, search for cases quickly and easily, and update case status effortlessly.
  • Increase client confidence with customer access levels that allow you to provide full access to an office manager and limited access to a single case manager or sales person on your customer’s team.
  • Impress your customers with secure online images attached to each case file. Download these images from anywhere you have access to the web.
  • Improve your memory by storing and tracking case history online. Our system automatically tracks each user that touches a case and allows you to add comments each time you work on a case, so you and your customer will always know what is happening with a case and why.
  • Answer every client question by building a knowledge base specific to your customers’ needs. Whether for internal training or customer support, the MediPro Direct knowledge base tool means you have to answer each question only once.
  • Decrease follow-up time with auto-status emails sent every time the status of a case changes. For example, you client will receive a confirmation each time a case is ordered, scheduled, rescheduled, put on hold, cancelled, performed, completed, and more. Best of all, both the triggers and the email language are completely customizable so your clients hear exactly what you want them to.

Our software currently has established modules for the following medical services and can be customized to track nearly any medical service:

  • Life insurance exams
  • Wellness exams
  • Mobile phlebotomy
  • Pharmaceutical research exams
  • DNA exams
  • More

Set-up for existing modules takes only a few hours, with additional time for training provided by our IT support group.