DNA Wellness

Genetics can predispose your patients to obesity and metabolic imbalances and impact how their bodies respond to diet and exercise. Knowing each patient’s DNA profile can help you make better diet and lifestyle recommendations and improve outcomes.

Medication Metabolism Profile

Determine how patients metabolize 256 commonly
used medications including medications for::

• Psychotropics

• Pain and Neuro

• Cardiovascular

• Diabetes, Asthma



Weight Management Profile

The MediPro Direct Weight Management Report includes:

• Diet and Exercise Response

• Vitamin absorption

• Customized online report and interactive portal

• Access to nutritionist for follow-up phone consultation

• Private-labeled marketing material for your office




Health Management Profile

Based on the latest genetic studies, the Health Management Report
analyzes genetic factors tied to obesity and disease risk and includes:

• Lifetime genetic risk (High, Medium, Low) for 25 diseases and conditions

• Comparative risk to similar individuals

• Influence of genetic vs environmental factors

• Results summary

• Summary of research studies to support results


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