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For those individuals or companies with the medical and networking/sales experience, MediPro Direct offers an industry-leading case management platform that can increase your efficiency, expand your service networks, and help you grow your business.

Best of all, because MediPro Direct’s business model does not compete with your local business, our focus is on YOUR success.  Just ask a few of our current clients.

A few key features of the MediPro Direct MedLink software include:

  • Easy website setup and/or integration with an existing site
  • Secure, online ordering and tracking
  • Online imaging
  • Electronic billing to the billing company of your choice*
  • Customizable agent/agency retention programs (Sponsorship Program)

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What is a ‘Direct Examiner’? click here

In addition, users of the MPD Life Exam Premier program also have access to other powerful business expansion resources, including:

Medical Alliance Network – more than 13,000 independent medical examiners throughout North America who are looking to help you expand your service reach.

Direct Exam Network – FREE visibility on MediPro Direct’s new contract-finder system for insurance agents ( and electronic case-sharing between MPD Life Exam Premier software users to help you increase your caseload.

Accepted transfers are yours to perform and bill. Unlike sub-contract work, these cases are being given to your office so you receive 100% of the income. Your only cost is a Business Booster fee to MediPro Direct that averages around 10% of the case. Click below to get started or to learn more about this exciting, value-add program.

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For an even more powerful solution, use the Medical Alliance Network Program in conjunction with one of MediPro Direct’s innovative exam-management programs.

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